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L.S. Ploeger PhD.

Lennert Ploeger


Professional Information


The Netherlands Cancer Institute-Antoni van Leeuwenhoek Hospital, January 2008-Today

Job title

Senior Software Engineer / PostDoc

Key responsibilities

Software development for radiotherapy, improve image quality for cone-beam CT.

Department or workgroup

Department of Radiotherapy.

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Biographical Information

Genome Diagnostics BV

PhD Scientist Bioinformatics / PostDoc, 2005-2008

Universiteit Medical Center Utrecht

PostDoc, October 2003 - December 2007

Vrije Universiteit Medical Center

PostDoc, January 2003 - September 2003

The Netherlands Cancer Institute

PhD student, January 1998 - December 2003

The Netherlands Cancer Institute

Research Programmer, June 1996 - December 1997

Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam

Student, September 1990 - May 1996

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Personal Interests


To get some exercise I started climbing in February 2004 together with the artist Missionary AKA Julien Dony. It turned out that it is a great feeling to be able to master a route that didn't seem feasible. Besides indoor climbing I also went to Arco, Italy and Freyr, Belgium to check out the real thing.


After a while, living in The Netherlands becomes a bit dull. Going away for a while from time to time therefore is a good idea! So far, I visited Botswana (Okavango Delta), Mexico/Guatemala/Belize, Vietnam, Peru, Kenya/Tanzania, Thailand, Cambodia, Lao Republic, Singapore, Burma (Myanmar), Indonesia and India, destinations in Europe not included.


I try to see as many movies as possible. In 2004 I was able to go to 70 movies, whereas I only saw 35 movies in 2005. After going to the cinema, having a few beers might also be fun.


Some people might call this noise, but they are wrong (I am sure). Disturbed, Tool, Soundgarden, Life of Agony and Red Hot Chili Peppers make great music!

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Some of my software


I decided to deploy my program for directory comparions called TreeComp as freeware. TreeComp can be downloaded from the TreeComp homepage.


The user interface of SBTengine was designed as part of my job at Genome Diagnostics. More information is available at the GenDx web site.


The purpose of this small utility is twofold:
  1. It removes all clipboard formats except the text format (CF_TEXT) from the clipboard and then pastes the results. Although this may sound stupid, this is a great alternative for standard copy & paste operations in Office applications (e.g., MS Word). Without this utility, one needs to select 'Edit' | 'Paste Special' | 'Unformatted Text' to achieve this.
  2. It converts a handle of type HDROP that identifies a list of files on the clipboard to the plain list of files. This means that it becomes possible to use CTRL+C from Explorer to obtain the file names in a text editor or a 'Open' dialog!
Download RemoveClipboardFormatting.zip (33KB), including the Delphi 5 source files, from here. It is freeware!


Explorer shows pretty names for all files and directories, that actually consist of uppercase letters. This means that if you see something like "Lowercase" in an explorer window, its real name is one of the following:
  • A file or directory that is stored as "LOWERCASE"
  • A file or directory that is stored as "Lowercase"
There is no way of telling what is the real name, unless you start another program that doesn't change the name! This behavior is due to what is called case-awareness. Only Windows NT users having an NTFS file system are influenced by this.

Most people don't care about this, but it becomes important when files or directories are exchanged between Windows and Unix/Linux platforms. For that reason I created a shell extension (functionality that is added to Explorer) that converts the name of the selected files and directories to lowercase. Download CaseConv.zip (166KB) (together with the Delphi 4 source files) from here. It is freeware!


Decode all UU encoded files in a specified directory using Winzip or unzip several .zip-files. The installed Winzip-version should be capable of handling command line arguments for this program to work. See the WinZip FAQ pages for details. I am using WinZip 6.3, that works smoothly. It is mainly used for extraction of attachments of Outlook Express' .nws-files, that are created when news messages are dropped in an Explorer window. Get ExtractAttachments.zip (255KB) from here. It is freeware!

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Contact Information

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Comments and Suggestions

Please to tell me what you think about this home page and how I can improve it.

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